Production Photos

Adapted by Catherine Bush from the novel by Alexandre Dumas | Directed by Dawn M. Simmons
Fight Direction by Angie Jepson | Scenic Design by Baron E. Pugh | Lighting Design by Aja M. Jackson | Sound Design by Caroline Eng | Costume Design by Amanda Mujica

Book by Jack Lavey & Sarah Hirsch | Music by Erica Huang | Directed by Sarah Shin
Set Design by Samantha Mastrati & Sarah Hirsch | Lighting Design by Matthew Robson | Costume Design by Jack Lavey | Music Direction by Erica Huang

Runaways | Boston University

Created by Elizabeth Swados | Directed by Elaine Vaan Hogue
Scenic Design by Elizabeth Pattyn | Costume Design by Zane Kealey | Lighting Design by Kat Zhou | Music Direction by Matthew Stern

Our Town | Boston University

Written by Thorton Wilder | Directed by Stephen Pick
Set Design by Andrew Kolifrath | Lighting Design by Kat Zhou | Sound Design by Bram Xu | Costume Design by Chloe Chafetz

1984 | Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage | Image of an Unknown Young Woman | indescribable theatrical experiences