To me, directing is 30% stage composition, research and historical/theoretical knowledge, and 60% emotional intelligence – building and navigating relationships, empowering the team through a variety of experiments, and knowing when to let go and move on.

I love rallying and collaborating with a team of people, especially when directing new work processes. I love approaching scripts like a musical score, the use of music in theatre, and musical theatre as a form, because I can bring my musicality to activate each measure with intention, or physicality to tell the story, more strongly than words. I didn’t always understand exactly what people said on the Korean TV shows I grew up watching, but I was able to laught and make sense of what they meant, so my directing style gives the space to let characters (and collaborators) exist in their boldest and most honest form. 

I care about theatre that understands equitable representation on and offstage, theatre that is postcolonial and feminist, and theatre that is aware of white supremacy culture’s bad habits and will point them out in efforts to make society better. There is a special place in my heart for plays about family and legacy, plays about understanding identity between its many intersections, plays about finding community, and plays that uncover moments of history or subvert what we were taught to believe.. 


by Quentin Nguyen-Duy | Boston University College of Fine Arts 23rd Annual Fringe Festival | Playwrights' Project/New Play Initative | October 2019
Directed by Sarah Shin | Set Design by Emma Barron | Lighting Design by Danielle Elegy | Props Master/Assistant Set Design/Projection Design by Albina Aleksandrova | Costume Design by Maddy Brown | Sound Design by Feitong Wang | Staged Managed by Zoe Garrick | Dramaturgy by Mckayla Witt

Something Else: A Love Cycle

Created by Jack Lavey, Sarah Hirsch, Erica Huang, and Sarah Shin | Boston University College of Fine Arts | May 2019 | World Premiere Musical
Director: Sarah Shin | Music Director/Choreographer: Erica Huang | Performers: Jack Lavey, Sarah Hirsch, Erica Huang, Sarah Shin, Jem Oshins, Conrad Sundqvist-Olmos | Community Outreach Coordinator: Madison Lusby | Scenic Designers: Samantha Mastrati & Sarah Hirsch | Props Master & Assistant Scenic Designer: Aria Pegg | Lighting Designer: Matthew Robson | Costume Designer: Jack Lavey | Stage Management: Jordana Roet | Stagecrafter: Naomi Li


Better Late

by Georges Feydeau, translated by Peter Meyer | Boston University College of Fine Arts DIRECTORS' PROJECT | December 2017 | Set Design by Katey Christiansen | Lighting Design by Mark Fortunato

wAve (Dramaturgy Website)

by Sung Rno | A Korean American Adaptation of Medea | Dramaturgy Website Project | December 2017

Sunlight Interior (Dramaturgy Website)

written and directed by Yo-El Cassell | Boston University College of Fine Arts | April 2019

Readings and Rehearsals